The Days Before All This Social Networking and Technology

Just a random thought I had while having dinner outside on Sunday night with my family. Remember those days when we were young and the Internet was not a huge deal like it is now? I used to spend majority of my time outside running around, playing basketball or biking, and I used to think that was fun. There wasn’t social networking, the only social networking for kids to have was to either pick up a HOUSE PHONE and call your friends to go out and play, or to literally walk to their house and knock on their door. I can probably say I lived a healthy childhood and getting my exercises on a daily basis because there was no FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, and smart phones to play with. So why am I mentioning this?

Sunday night I was having dinner with my family and family friends, and there was this kid about 12 years old playing an IPad, and he also had an IPhone 5s. I asked his mother if the phone or IPad was hers, and she said no it was her sons. WHAT KIND OF 12 YEAR OLD NEEDS AN IPHONE AND IPAD…?!?!?!?! This generation of kids are so corrupted and spoiled to the point where it is getting outrageous! After the kid finished eating, he just sat there and played with his IPad for the remainder of the dinner. I remember when I was his age, and I finished dinner I would go run around the restaurant and hear my mom scream “don’t run! you’re going to get a stomachache”. But this kids mother was so calm as she sat and chatted away with my family knowing as long as the kid has his IPad, he won’t be running to anywhere.

Soon after we all finished eating, the kids IPad ran out of battery (ha-ha). It was then, I realized how spoiled this kid actually was. He started screaming at his mom to charge his IPad, tears started falling down his cheeks and all sorts of chaos just began. His mom told him to play on his IPhone, but noooooo, kid didn’t want to because the screen wasn’t big enough for his game.

So to conclude my story, yes social networking and technology is very helpful. Parents should really consider purchasing these kind of stuff for their kids at a young age, it is clearly ruining their childhood at a significant pace. When they grow up and think back to their childhood, there won’t be running around with friends, kicking a empty pop can down the street with friends and laughing, or playing basketball. The only thing that will remain in their childhood memory is passing a level in Angry Bird.

What a shame…..


Top Used Apps for Social Networking

With no surprise, social networking is taking over the world with hundreds of different apps. Staying in contact with each other has not been so easy with all these messengers, networking apps and free calling. Have you ever wondered out of these hundreds and thousands of apps, which ones come out on top being the most used? Sometimes I wonder myself if I’m staying up to date with all these apps, or maybe I can just download the most popular ones and be up to date with the society. I always thought FaceBook would be the top social networking app on mobile and PC, but after reading this an article on ‘The 6 Most Used Social Networking on Mobile in the US’, i was clearly wrong.

#6 LinkedIn

LinkedIn in the US is used 26% of the time, primarily for job opportunities and communicating with professionals. This app is primarily for business purposes, less on the leisure usage.

#5 Tumblr

I personally thought Tumblr is less popular these days, but I guess I was wrong yet again. People in US still uses Tumblr quite often for entertainment as they tend to spend 46% of their time on Tumblr.

#4 FaceBook

FaceBook scored a significant lower place than I thought it would’ve. People only spend roughly 68% of the time on FaceBook on their mobile in comparison to their desktop. In my opinion, with the smart phones being so handy, I thought people would be spending time on their FaceBook on their phones rather than sit in front of a desktop and play FaceBook.

#3 Twitter

Majority of the US population spends about 86% of their time tweeting on their phone rather than the computer. This would make sense, because tweeting is quick and efficient and it is easy to update friends on what you’re doing or where you are on the go. Not a lot of people would tweet about sitting at home on their desktop.

#2 Pinterest

Another surprising one for me, I was quite unfamiliar with Pinterest before taking MRKT 3311 class. Let alone knowing that this app is quite popular at that.

#1 Instagram

There is no surprise that Instagram has been rated as number 1 sitting on 98% of the time people spend time on instagram on their phone. It makes sense because Instagram started off as an app primarily on mobile. It was only recently that Instagram has migrated on the desktop as well. But Instragram just doesn’t feel the same on the desktop,


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Social Media Marketing Anthem

In each country there are national anthems, as we all know, Now with social media taking over the world of marketing, Mary McCoy, an employee of Continuum Managed Services performed a song directly about social media called “Let’s Get Social”. Could this possibly become the global anthem for social media? This song’s lyrics includes most of the popular social media platforms, which includes FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Here is a copy of the lyrics and the link to the song (under work cited):

Verse 1
I’m showing you things you’ll like
Trying to get engagement
Here’s some photos from my life
My cat, my kids, some bacon

Verse 2
I’m hoping you’ll share my stuff
And tweet it to the world
If you help me grow my Klout,
I promise that I’ll share yours

So connect with me, let’s have some fun
Let’s show the world how this gets done

Let’s get social (social) with social media
Let’s get social (social) with social media
Where we can spread the word and grow our reach
And find our fans in their newsfeed
Let’s get social with social media

Verse 3
We’re searching for the story
That’ll bring us instant fame
So we shoot our “viral video”
And we post it to the Gram

Verse 4
We’re looking for the secret
Of Facebook’s Holy Grail
We try to keep from paying
That leads to hashtag #fail

(Repeat pre-chorus and chorus then to bridge)

Hey now y’all, can we just get real?
Do we care about our fans or is this just another deal?
Said another way, have we lost our way?
Social’s about the people, remember they are people
Do we really need another fan, like or share?
Do we need another post to show up everywhere?
I hope as we scatter we never forget
That our posts live forever even when we go to bed

Although this song was not sang at a professional level at the ‘Social Media Marketing World Conference at San Diego, it was merely a concept or a draft of how the song will be. The lyrics sang by McCoy was not essentially soothing to the ears to listen to, but the melody of the song was quite catchy.

On YouTube, within a week, this video has already received 412,644 views, but majority of the audience who viewed this video disliked it, and some claimed the video to be the “most awful video I’ve seen of my life”. I could understand where the people were coming from, because the song just really sucked.. but its the fact that people are making songs about social media that is really intriguing me. Thoughts?


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FaceBook reaches 100 million active users in India

FaceBook is arguably the biggest social media platform as of now in the world (excluding countries such as China), and they have monthly active users around the world in the millions. This platform is used to share your activities, thoughts and such to your friends and whoever you choose to share with.

Just recently, FaceBook has just reached a new milestone in India. During August of 2013, FaceBook noted there were 82 million active users, monthly, in India and as of March 31, 2014, they have successfully reached the new milestone of 100 million monthly active users. This is a significant milestone for FaceBook because it proves that this social media platform is still continuing to grow and more active users are registering each and everyday. There are estimation of active users hitting the quarter of billion mark sometime during this year if registration continues to grow at the same speed.

Now lets take a minute and think, India and China being the two countries with the largest population, and India has reached 100 million monthly active users. Some may know that in China, FaceBook is blocked off due to the Chinese Government. Imagine if FaceBook manage to unleash their power in China and how much damage FaceBook would do? If India could reach well over 100 million active users, then by enabling FaceBook in China, there would be a significant increase in activities in Asia and also the FaceBook stock market would skyrocket as well.

On top of that, recently FaceBook has just purchased the mobile messaging app Whatsapp, and it is recorded that there are currently 40 million active users of Whatsapp in India alone, and it remains growing at a steadily speed.

Move out the way Craigslist, there’s a new way to find jobs!

Anyone ever tried to find a job that you enjoyed doing on Craigslist? or any other websites that offers job recruitment? If you have, then you know the chances of obtaining a job that you actually enjoy is very hard with thousands of applicants constantly applying blindly because of desperation of a job or a lack of vivid description for the job looking for recruitment. With that said, the companies end up with thousands of resume to read, and if your resume does not stand out to the population, well then you’re out of luck. Sending out resumes via e-mails to companies, they only receive a vague idea of the personality each individual has. The companies then have to pick a selective potential employees to interview, and the remainder applicants are out of luck. 

During my old job, when management have hire people who send in their resume via Craigslist, they tend to go on FaceBook and creep the applicants a little (if they can be found on FaceBook) just to get a slightly better understanding of these applicants; such as how they look like, are they suitable for the job, what type of person they are based on their information and pictures that they post. In my conclusion, this sort of old traditional way of applying for a job is quite bothersome for management and also slightly unfair for the applicants. 

Now that social media is taking over the internet, on a global scale. People are getting creative, making life a lot easier (exactly what social media is suppose to do), and they are creating job opportunities on social media. For example, using Twitter and hashtagging keywords such as #jobs or #hiring, people can actually find jobs that are suitable for them. This allows applicants to actually have a better understand of the jobs that they are applying for, so they are not blindly applying for unknown job with horrendous job descriptions and end up showing up to a regretful interview. On the other hand, it makes life a lot easier for management as well, by using #hiring, #jobopportunity or #job with the company’s official Twitter account, they know all the applicants are interested in their job opening, rather than randomly applying. This will eliminate the unnecessary interviews that they need to have to save time for both interviewer and interviewee. On top of that, if management really need to see or ‘creep’ to get a better understanding of the applicants, it is as simple as one click to reach their Twitter, FaceBook or LinkedIn page. 

Researchers Creates Danger for the Digital World

Everyone who is reading this blog right now are well aware of how viruses, spyware, and malwares can spread from computer to computer through the internet, correct? Now get this guys, “researchers at the University of Liverpool have created (in the lab only, thankfully) what may be the first computer malware that can spread like the common cold, over the air, depending on the proximity between the infected hots and an uninfected victim”. (Mashable, Chameleon) This creation does not spread through internet, or an infected floppy disk (what’s a floppy disk, right?), instead, this virus spreads through the data bouncing around in our thin air. This malware, called “Chameleon, utilizes access points offered by Wi-Fi connection to the unexpected public users. Put it in an example, you’re sitting at Blenz coffee, and you’re just using the Wi-Fi of Blenz for studying purposes, and through the access point of Blenz Wi-Fi, this malware can seek through the data that you’re computer is connected to and catch this virus. Much like how human beings catch a cold. To add oil onto the fire, because Chameleon resides on the network rather than computers, no security software known to date can detect this infection. Scary, huh?

Although researchers have created Chameleon for the purpose of counter-attacking possible Chameleon-like infections in our near future, but consider that this formula of infection for this virus accidentally get leaked out before the researchers could come up with an cure or anti-virus. With the outrageous speed that this contamination can spread, exactly how can any computer over come this deadly virus? 

I thought of two option, none of which can be effective:
A) Don’t turn on the computer to prevent access point being detected by the computer. This also means not being able to use the computer for any sort of work. 
B) Do not connect to any public Wi-Fi. This means not being able to use any public network, restriction of connectivity means being restricted in public locations to connect to the digital world.




Problematic Digital World

Yesterday, March 2nd, 2014, there was one of American’s biggest night show on television, Oscar night. Most of the people anticipated to stream this three hour long show on their digital devices such as laptops, desktops and tablets. The night was highly anticipated with a lot of excitement, leading with Leonardo DeCaprio hoping to be the winner of an Oscar for his highly brilliant acting for “Wolf of Wall Street”, and many other exciting performances. Well, for all those who were excited to stream this online through the digital world that we all trust so much, everyone encountered a major hiccup when the Internet TV decided to glitch and fail for majority of the population who were streaming. This vicious glitch erupted the Twitter world with countless complaints about frequent cutting, lost of audio and endless buffering.

ABC set restrictions for online access to subscriber of selective television services in only a limited number of cities, which did not even include DirecTV, Dish Network and also Time Warner Cable due to unsigned paper work with Disney. With all these restrictions on stream TV, it still failed to successfully broadcast a three hour live event. I think with this incident, professionals should really consider going back to the drawing board and set improvements to reduce the amount of server clogs before hosting a server for an event like the Oscars.

Bottom line, when all’s said and done, the digital world can still use a lot of improvement when broadcasting live events and even on the social media panel; we often experience technical difficulties on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook when there are too many people on it at the same time, and the network just gets clogged and fails.



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Should Beer Company Incorporate More Social Media in Promotions?

Major beer companies such as Heineken and Budweiser have already been involved in the major social medias such as Facebook and Twitter. But the question remains, is using the major social medias enough, or should they incorporate some other social media platforms to get raise more awareness of the brand?

Marketing the brand by using other platforms such as Snapchat, and being more active on popular social media platform such as Instagram will really boost up their branding. By using Instagram to promote their new campaigns and actively engaging with their audiences could really help major brands to become even more popular, and also help the not so major brands to get their name out there in the market. Snapchat can also do some damage in the marketing world if utilized correctly. Snapchat, as we know it is simply a image messaging app which allows users to view an image or video for certain amount of time and it gets deleted. Beer companies can use this to create promotion code to allow users to screen shot the code and get discounted, this will help get the audiences involved in purchasing and it will also raise awareness. As a beer drinker myself, if I were to receive a snap on Snapchat about some promotion code on a brand of beer, it will definitely help me notice this brand of beer over the other brands, and I will definitely utilize this promotion code to get my hands on some price reduced beer at a liquor store nearby.